Comments on the Android text messaging bugs

On Friday, Engadget reported on a couple critical flaws in Android’s messaging system.

I’ve been occasionally been routed to the wrong thread from notifications and the master message list. However, I’m usually misdirected to the next lower thread. I think the bug is due to when Android dynamically re-orders conversation threads. By default, the most recent thread is supposed to be at the top of the master conversation list, but I’ve noticed that in some cases (when the phone is under heavy load?) the reordering is delayed. What I suspect is happening is: when the user interacts with the messaging client an update is forced, but said update occurs after the user has selected a thread, thus resulting in the thread displayed being different from the one originally selected. While that bug is concerning, it isn’t extremely scary because you can always check exactly which thread you’re looking at by checking the recipient at the top of the screen.

I’ve also noticed a similar bug in the Call Log feature in which the user is redirected to the wrong contact when trying to call someone on the log.

The egregious “medium” priority bug, however, makes me really worried for a couple reasons, besides its possible effects:

  1. This is a basic and critical feature, it’s the mobile equivalent of Toyota’s accelerator pedals
  2. It’s relatively awkward to find out whether it’s happened in your case

I have no confirmed episodes on my end, though. At the very least, it may explain why some of my text messages go unanswered. Guess I’ll just have to ensure they were sent to the right person.


Author: jdrch

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