Boeing biz jet sales chief disses Cessna

“In the U.S. business-aviation market, people tend to start with a small aircraft and then graduate to bigger aircraft—for example, going from a Cessna to a Hawker Beechcraft to a Gulfstream, and finally they get to a Boeing business jet,” says Li Bing, head of Boeing Co. business-jet sales for China and South Korea.

Oh, so Cessna’s bottom rung? Ouch. Never mind the fact that Cessna makes larger cabin aircraft than Hawker anyway.

This shows how important it is to establish a premium brand if you’re planning to move upmarket. Otherwise people tend to see you in the context of the your lower-tier products you started off with.


Author: jdrch

ISTJ, Rice Owl, UF Gator, mechanical engineer. STEM, sports, music, movies, humor. Account mine only & unaffiliated.


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