AT&T engineer’s prophecy about Verizon 4G LTE comes true


Back in 2010, I had a discussion with an AT&T engineer about the mobile networks. If you follow me, you know I often decry AT&T’s blatant infrastructure underinvestment, mostly because they cover it up with deliberately misleading marketing and use their lack of capacity as an excuse for data caps and other unnecessarily restrictive polices.*

That aside, the AT&T engineer told me that Verizon’s 4G approach was fundamentally flawed due to “handoff” issues that he couldn’t go into any further details about. When I pressed him for more, he simply replied “you’ll see.”

Perhaps the above is what he was referring to. Good call.

My disagreement with AT&T’s practices and support of Verizon’s high speed buildout continues, however. AT&T’s network continues to be a coverage, speed and future capability joke compared to Verizon on the wireless side and just about any decent cable or FTTH operator on the landline access side. Hopefully the latter can get this issue resolved. For more technical reading on what the problem could be, see here.


*Did you know? (Then) AT&T CEO Ed Whitacre started the net neutrality debate in 2005 when he claimed companies like Google were getting a “free ride” from ISPs. This despite the fact that any “rides” are already paid for via existing user fees.


Author: jdrch

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