The election result in a nutshell, by the WSJ

But the most significant critique will be the one that says the party simply failed to catch up with the changing face of America. Exit polls showed that Mr. Romney won handily among white Americans—almost six in 10 of them—but lost by breathtaking margins among the nation’s increasingly important ethnic groups: By almost 40 percentage points among Hispanics, by almost 50 points among Asians, and by more than 80 points among African-Americans

Newt Gingrich, the Republican former House speaker and 2012 presidential contender, says his party faces a big “institutional challenge” in figuring out how to connect with minority voters who make up an ever-bigger part of the electorate and the country’s social fabric.

The Republican Party “simply has to learn” to appear more inclusive to minorities, particularly Hispanics, Mr. Gingrich says. “There is the objective reality that if ethnic minorities voted their economic interest, we would have a 65% Republican majority” nationally, he added.

Instead, Republicans continue to lag well behind Democrats in winning the votes of nonwhites, even as the white share of the population continues to decline.

via Tough Loss Leaves GOP at a Crossroads –


Author: jdrch

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