What UPS Mail Innovation’s “Shipment Accepted at Post Office” means

Congratulations! You’ve had the misfortune of being on the receiving end of a UPS Mail Innovation shipment! Now the estimated delivery date has passed without your package showing up and you’re wondering where it is. Not that UPS’ site is much help, the last status it shows for your package is “Shipment Accepted at Post Office.” Huh? What does that mean?

Probably the most confusing package status ever.
Probably the most confusing package status ever.

According to Brandon O. of the UPS Social Media Team:

Final delivery by the USPS can take up to two additional business days

It seems UPS is delivering packages to the local post office, who then deliver them to your home. Hey UPS, if that’s the case, shouldn’t the estimated delivery date reflect that? Why overpromise and underdeliver? Even more ridiculous is the fact that the page still displays the estimated delivery date as being in the past. Kinda ironic coming from a company that claims to specialize in logistics.

For the record, my package arrived a day late on the 18th.

Author: jdrch

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1 thought on “What UPS Mail Innovation’s “Shipment Accepted at Post Office” means”

  1. Wahhh my package is a day late. Do you know that every worker in a UPS warehouse has to sort, confirm address, and load 300 boxes an hour? I don’t know what you do for a living. but those guys work their asses off to get those packages to their destination as quick as possible. I worked there for a while. Injured myself permanently trying to get you that box on time. Cut them some slack.



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