How to export models to I-DEAS files in HyperMesh 11

Yes, there are engineers out there who still use I-DEAS. The above question came from someone else in a different organization. Here’s the answer, courtesy of Altair HyperWorks FEA specialist Imran Pasha:

  1. In the HyperMesh window, select “Export Solver Deck” as usual.
  2. In the tab that follows, under “File Selection” choose “Custom” in the “File type:” field.
  3. In the “Template” field, browse to the following path: C:\Program Files\Altair\11.0\templates\feoutput\ideas\ideas. Alternatively, if you installed HyperMesh to a non-default path, enter InstallationFolderPath\11.0\templates\feoutput\ideas\ideas.
  4. Choose an output file name in the “File” field and then click “Export”
Back To The Future, FEA style
Back To The Future, FEA style

Caveat: a colleague has told me that this function doesn’t work perfectly, and Imran warned me over the phone that I-DEAS isn’t officially supported in HyperMesh 11. Still, this is better than nothing, especially for such an ancient format.


Author: jdrch

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