Don’t let HTML5 melt your brain

HTML5 isn’t exactly the cure-all it’s cracked up to be

IT departments should be looking at what Excel is being used for in-house and offer web equivalents, perhaps leveraging HTML5′s offline capabilities for those who like to work from home after the kids go to bed.

via Sorry, Geeks, Microsoft Excel is Everywhere. (Emphasis mine)

Here’s an article bemoaning use of Excel for purposes it was never intended for. I’m in agreement with that, but the proposed solution above makes no sense. According to the author – David Michael Ross – all we need to do to remedy the situation is to replace Excel with web-based HTML5 equivalents. Huh? This is like telling a person who’s allergic to cats you’ll fix their current reaction to the tabby in the room by replacing it with your favorite Siamese. Rather than attacking the root of the problem – there’s a cat in the room – it simply replaces it with an equivalent problem – there’s a different breed of cat in the room. It’s still a cat.

In this particular case, the root of the problem is spreadsheet use. That problem is NOT solved by using spreadsheet equivalents, regardless of what language said equivalent is built in or how it’s delivered.

As an engineer, one of the most annoying things about new technology is watching people who should know better lose their minds over it. HTML5 is the most annoying example thereof. Its sole real advantage is its platform independence. Beyond that, there’s nothing you can do in HTML5 that can’t be done as well or better using native code. You will NOT solve a problem resulting from the use of a particular application type by replacing said application with an HTML5 equivalent.

Author: jdrch

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