14 thoughts on “Signatures missing in Outlook 2013 replies? Here’s how to fix it”

  1. Actually it’s unusual for the signature to show up when replying or on a new message. Any help is greatly appreciated!!


    1. Since this bug seems to appear mostly after updating Office 2010 to Office 2013, you could try uninstalling Office completely and then reinstalling it. Backup up all your email folders to a .PST file 1st, of course.


  2. This is what worked for me: For a forwarded message I had to have it “pop out” >look for a tab that reads “format text” select HTML. Then hover your mouse over your signature, right click and select the desired sig. My sig changed from Plain Text to HTML.This solved my problem.


  3. WOW! What the person before me wrote worked! The trick is to format the email -and- your signature into HTML, then copy your sig (now HTML formatted) and paste it as your signature (effectively replacing your old sig), then save it. Absolutely brilliant


  4. That has not worked for me. I have tried deleting them all, popping out an email and using the format text > HTML, then pasting my signature in, copying it and going to the signature editor, creating a new signature, pasting it in, saving it, setting it as the one for new and replies, still nothing.

    I’d upgraded from 2010 to 2013. My signature wasn’t appearing, so of course I tried deleting and adding a new one. That did not work. Then I found fixes talking about registry edits to update the path from …Office14… to …Office15. That caused me to get an error when I pressed the signature button and chose my signature, saying that I needed to close programs down, not enough memory, even though Outlook was all I was running.

    Pasting the HTML in a new signature made that error go away, but it just inserts empty space. I’ve tried a plain text version, no colors but black, and I don’t use an image in my signature.

    No matter what I’ve tried, I am still manually pasting my signature into new and replies. Thanks in advance for any ideas



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