Yes, the Intel Core i7-4770 can handle all your virtualization needs

Recently I ran into this support thread in which the OP insisted he needed an XPS 8700 to ship with the Intel Core i7-4770S as opposed to the i7-4770K due to its virtualization features. He even linked to this comparison table.

Except that’s not exactly true. The i7-4770 supports literally all of Core family’s virtualization features:

Yes, Yes, Yes, ...
Yes, Yes, Yes, …

I strongly suspect Intel’s CPU nomenclature is the source of the confusion in this case. Most people are used to product name suffixes meaning upgrades or superior feature sets, e.g. iPhone 5S, Porsche 911 Turbo S, etc. In the Core i7’s case, however, suffixes mean the opposite. The best CPU in the lineup is the 4770. Period.

This means the Dell XPS 8700 – which the OP was asking about – should be able to manage all the virtualization tricks prosumers can throw at it.


Author: jdrch

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4 thoughts on “Yes, the Intel Core i7-4770 can handle all your virtualization needs”

  1. Actually you are mistaken in this article, your customer is talking about 4470K and not the 4470 that you are refering too. The 4770K do NOT support vt-d.. but yes.. both the 4770 and the 4770s do.


  2. Jdrich, the OP is right to ask the question, the 4770K is different from many others from the 4770 family, it has several virtualization features disabled. Look at the table you posted carefully.


    1. No, the reason he asked the question about 4770K vs. the *S & *K is he didn’t realize the 4770 is an actual Intel CPU in addition to a CPU family, and a higher end of that family too. Therefore, when he saw 4770 listed in the XPS’ specs, he assumed it had to be one of the 4770’s lettered variants (e.g. 4770K) and so asked about that. Since the XPS has the 4770 but not the 4770K, my answer rightly focused on the 4770.

      Sometimes you not only have to listen to what a person is asking, but look at the motivation behind it. Basically he was asking the wrong question because the XPS doesn’t ship with the 4770K.



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