Where to get the full, adware-free JDownloader offline installer

Now with 100% more adware ... unless you know where to look
Now with 100% more adware … unless you know where to look

UPDATE: Sadly, it seems that the installer below now ships with ads embedded within JDownloader itself as seen below. However there are no toolbars or standalone adware programs included. Given that reputable software clients like Evernote (with a free account) include ads within their UI, I still recommend this installer.

UPDATE 2: Some commenters are claiming the installer has a virus. Here’s the report on the most recent 64-bit installer after it was uploaded to virustotal.com. As you can see, only 1/54 antivirus packages detected anything malicious.

UPDATE 3 (2015-01-12): I just completed an installation on a Windows 7 SP1 x64 machine with Panda Free Antivirus and got no security warnings whatsoever.

Yep, that's an ad at the top right of the window.
Yep, that’s an ad at the top right of the window.

For the uninitiated, JDownloader is a download client for direct download (e.g. Uploaded.to) and video sites (e.g. YouTube) that allows you to grab files you have the links for without keeping your browser open at the file URL. Unfortunately, the app’s new web installer has adware that’s flagged as malware by some security software including Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials, and AVG.*

Thankfully, you can grab the full, adware-free installers from the following links:

JDownloader 2 Beta 32-bit

JDownloader 2 Beta 64-bit

*It’s arguable that this is par for the course for a download client written Java

Author: jdrch

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52 thoughts on “Where to get the full, adware-free JDownloader offline installer”

  1. Thank you! I HATE these “web installers” that always bundle stupid crap with them. It also makes it a real pain to back up the installer as a fresh copy has to be downloaded from the web each time anyway.


  2. Thx.This is the old one i used to use always. The guy who talks about the webinstaller. Which he thinks is still in use. Doesn’t know that its only a few updates this versions takes from the web IMHO. I will keep this one here for good because it works. BTW. before installation better switch off your antivirus sometimes you get falls alarms. In my case AVAST was constantly making problems. THX for this piece of software :-).


  3. Sorry, had this adware BS two times on my machine because of JDownloader2, wanna use the tool, but i am to afraid to use those webinstallers, are those links to the installer really ad free ???
    Don´t need that crap a third time on my machine!

    Thank you!


  4. Wow, i forgot about my question here and had to work with !Load, then i read your answer and i started to download…

    Millions of thanks for that link, mate!!!!
    That saved my nerves!!!


  5. Err… Panda Antivirus sees a PUP/Multitoolbar in this installer. Are you part of the mafia? (that wants these things installed)


  6. this won’t work if i cut the internet, it keeps asking for proxy info and if it can’t access internet it just quits. how come is this offline then?


  7. When I try to install this, the very first window with the loading bar goes all the way to near the end of loading, and then never does anything else ever again. 😦



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