There’s nothing to see on Secret, uninstall it

Secret has a content problem. The only way for secrets to spread is to be liked by your friends, and then liked by their friends. But if you have very few friends on the service, your secrets won’t get very far, and you won’t receive many secrets either. In about 2 weeks of use, I’ve received 4 – yes, FOUR – new secrets in the Explore tab.


Like many developers, Secret fails to realize that the key to social media is the “social” part. It’s not enough to enable creation of media, it must also be easily shared and discovered. Secret competitor Whisper has solved this problem via making all whispers public, therefore making them easily discoverable and shareable without compromising anonymity.

This issue also has serious implications for Secret’s long term viability: if content is difficult to spread, so will organic advertising, which reduces the app’s monetization potential.


Author: jdrch

ISTJ, Rice Owl, UF Gator, mechanical engineer. STEM, sports, music, movies, humor. Account mine only & unaffiliated.


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