Avoid Andy Android Emulator, it’s malware

Andy Android Emulator’s installer is signed by a known PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) purveyor.


I downloaded Andy based on a recent article that called it better than BlueStacks. Upon launching the installer, I noticed in the UAC popup that the executable is signed by Search Safer Inc. A quick Google search reveals Search Safer is a well known malware company. Here’s a screenshot for proof:

Yep, that's bad.
Yep, that’s bad.

So yeah, you might wanna NOT install that.

Author: jdrch

ISTJ, Rice Owl, UF Gator, mechanical engineer. STEM, sports, music, movies, humor. Account mine only & unaffiliated.

7 thoughts on “Avoid Andy Android Emulator, it’s malware”

  1. Yep. I’ve made the mistake of downloading it. Laptop is fucked now. Hardly works…runs incredibly slowly. Tried removing it with malware bytes and others, but still not back to its normal level.


    1. Yeah, i got rid of the virus’ it caused, thank god. but i had to use “IObit Uninstaller” to uninstall them.



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