17 thoughts on “How to fix the “There are problems with your account. To fix them, sign in again.” error in Office 2013”

  1. This procedure will fix the problem if you’re running MSOffice on PC which has a different sign-in credentials (e.g. MSPassport1 while your office account has a MSPassport2 credentials). Strange, but that problem started recently.


    1. … except I’m logged in to my Windows 8.1 PC and MS Office 2013 using the same Microsoft account, so going by what you said I shouldn’t have an issue. Yet I do.


  2. I had the same problem and i fixed it this way(office 2013 Sp1 x86 running on windows 8.1 update1 x64).

    1. Go up to the account icon and select “switch account”
    2. Login to your account again by following the on screen instructions.

    What i think might be the problem, is that office automatically starts using the microsoft account you’re using to login to windows, but office 2013 requires log in through internet explorer. Therefore office think that it’s logged in, but login fails as it needs to login through internet explorer and if you haven’t logged into your microsoft account through internet explorer, then office does not have your password information and therefore cannot log in to your account.


  3. Just to let you all know I had the same issue and it was resolved when I plugged into my works internet apposed to using the Wifi. Thought this could possibly help someone out!

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