How to fix Java installer Error Code: 1603 and “uncompression of downloaded file failed”

Your installer is probably corrupt.

EDIT: If it’s still not working for you, please include what methods you tried in your comment. Posting “did not work” doesn’t help if there’s no indication of which browser, downloader, or install method you used.

I was trying to install Java Version 8 Update 25 on Windows 8.1 August Update x64 using the offline installer when I encountered the following, accompanied by installation failure:

Error Code: 1603

I tried the online installer instead, only to get the following error:

Uncompression of downloaded file failed

While it may have seemed discouraging, the latter error is enlightening. Failed archive decompression usually indicates the archive is corrupt. In this case I’d downloaded the offline installers using DownThemAll, which occasionally – albeit rarely – results in corrupted files due to incorrect stitching of file fragments. However, since the online installer threw the decompression error, I suspect the problem may be due to AVG Antivirus FREE 2015 scanning the file in-flight.

Grabbing the offline installer again using Firefox Nightly’s 1st party downloader instead worked.

If you’re experiencing the same error, try a different downloader, even multiple browsers if necessary. If that doesn’t do the trick, try temporarily disabling your antivirus while downloading.

A necessary evil.
A necessary evil.

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35 thoughts on “How to fix Java installer Error Code: 1603 and “uncompression of downloaded file failed””

      1. Hi, I had the same problem, but found this and my issue was resolved (see bottom of linked article)

        The difference between the article and my resoluton was that I actually had a blank ‘close programme’ screen. I then went into the installed folder, ran the .exe, unticked the ‘browser’ checkbox, reinstalled JAVA, re-checked the ‘browser’ checkbox.


    1. download & install Java7 32bit offline version, when i did this and ran verify it said Congrats you now have ver 8.31 installed go figure.


      1. Just had this work for me. I tried 8.40 a few times on a clean install of W7 and kept getting 1603. Grabbed the 7.75 offline installer it worked and i can see that 8.40 is active.


  1. Nothing works. I’ve tried cleaning the registry, using different browsers, different DL tools, disabling (even uninstalling) my anti-virus, disabling windows firewall, naked voodoo dances for tribal spirits, and setting hamsters on fire with a blowtorch.

    For four days I have troubleshot this problem, to no avail.

    It’s really sad that in 2014 we still have this kind of massive incompetence from two of the largest software corporations on the planet.


  2. I have been having problems with this Java error 1603 for 4 days. Called Dell, they said browser problem. I uninstalled Chrome. Now using Explorer, still having Java problem.


  3. This is how i resolved the issue… I did two things and i dont know which worked… Turned off my antivirus protection (Avast) and used internet explorer instead of chrome,,,, installed successfully on Win8.1!!!!!


  4. I went to control panel, java. Opened the java console, on the security tab UNCHECKED ‘Enable Java content in the browser’.
    Installed the update which worked this time.
    Went back to the control panel. Opened the java console, on the security tab CHECKED ‘Enable Java content in the browser’.


  5. RPL strategy fixed for me on Win 7 SP1 with no previous Java. Tried install, failed with 1603. Went to explorer, opened javacpl.exe and turned off browser security. Went back to same downloaded install file and fired off again. This time it worked. Did ask about turning on Java in browser but no error. Thanks


  6. Try removing windows update: KB3004394 Its been causing a LOT of problems with many things updating. Was messing up my AMD installing and my Java.


  7. Try this. Go to your JAVA control panel and disable JAVA content in your browser on the security tab of the configure JAVA wizard. Apply it. Go to the JAVA website and use the offline down loader and save the .exe file to your desktop. Close all windows and then open the .exe file you just saved to your desktop. The update should take. Once it updates successfully. Go back to your configure JAVA wizard in your control panel and re-enable your JAVA content by checking the box on the security tab. Apply. Problem should be fixed.


  8. One more item to check as some corporate developers bundle runtime versions in their apps and create the environment in the system for stability. Go to system control panel, advance tab, environments. Look for any references to Java options usually these will point to the path of the custom app. Copy them to notepad for future reinstall and delete them from the environments. Reinstall ver 1.8## work fine, learn this after 2 days of trying all of the above!


    1. Thank you for your response. Removing the variables allowed the software to uninstall properly. If all else fails I would say this is the go to answer to resolve the issue. What a pain!


  9. I tried java 8 #510 twice, with “uncompression” error, on a laptop with T-mobile WiFi. (2+HOURS) Shut down virus and firewall, and it worked fine on internet explorer.


  10. Please do the following things. Step 1. Remove the Java related environment variables like JAVA_HOME. Step 2. Delete all the folders inside Java folder from Program Files, Program Files (x86). Step 3. Download offline installer for 64 bit windows 8.1. Step 4. Restart the machine. Step 5. Install the java.



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