How to wipe the Nvidia Shield K1’s cache

Nvidia takes poor documentation to the next level: incorrect documentation.


Nvidia’s instructions for the original Shield are wrong for the K1 and the support forum’s instructions are incomplete, so here’s how you do it:

  1. Shut the K1 down.
  2. While pressing and holding the Volume Down key, press and release the Power key. This will put the K1 into fastboot mode with several options on the screen.
  3. Using the Volume Down (or Volume Up if you missed it), scroll down to the Recovery mode option.
  4. Press the Power key to select the Recovery mode option. The K1 will show the Nvidia boot logo and then a screen with an Android laying on its back and the the text no command below it.
  5. While pressing and holding the Power button down, press and release Volume Up.
  6. A Recovery mode screen will appear with Wipe cache as one of the options. Follow the instructions on the screen to select and engage it.
    Supported API: 3
    ...Wiping cache...
    Formatting /cache...
    will appear.Wiping (and formatting) the cache partition takes much longer on the K1 than it does on other devices, so be patient if nothing seems to be happening. When the above is complete, the Recovery mode screen will reappear.
  7. Select the Reboot option to get back to Android.

Author: jdrch

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13 thoughts on “How to wipe the Nvidia Shield K1’s cache”

  1. This helped! Nvidias customer support was clueless as to why I couldn’t get past the exclamation android. While waiting on them to figure it out, I googled and your page popped up. Followed it and a minute later its done. I mentioned it to the rep and he didn’t want to listen. Anyway, thank you for the assistance!

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      1. You wouldn’t happen to have any solutions to fix the compass on the shield? I bought it to use with a quadcopter and none of Nvidias suggestions have worked.


  2. hi, my name is joel, and I follow your intructions but, not work to me…. do you know why?……please.
    when i put reboot system now, the tablet stay in the logo nvidia screen forever….. if you can help me.
    note: my english is very very bad sorry.


  3. Hi, my son has the k1 and we have had problems with it just showing the logo. I used your manual (thank you) and have now both cleared the cache and wiped everything to reset in to factory settings. But it doesnt seem to have helped, any clues? Would be most grateful for any hints or tips on ehat to do!


  4. I have the original Nvidia Shield Tablet running the OTA upgraded Android 7. It has been running fine for months, now all of a sudden when I rebooted it gets stuck on the logo. I can get to recovery mode and the dead android, but I cannot get the tablet to recognize power/volume up. Nothing happens. Is there some new trick with Android 7?? I am at my wits end!!



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