How to get a radio logcat from the terminal in Android

It’s easier and less complicated than it sounds.


Radio logcats are useful for troubleshooting network connectivity, especially on modded (rooted &/or custom ROM) devices. If you’re reporting such an issue it’s often useful to provide the radio logcat in addition to the regular logcat to help the developer resolve the problem.

That “123456” isn’t supposed to happen; my network provider’s name should be there instead. This is a situation in which a radio logcat would be useful.

There are 3 ways to get a radio logcat:

Using MatLog

This is the easiest method.

  1. Install MatLog.
  2. Tap the Options menu icon.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Under Configuration, tap Log Buffer(s).
  5. Tap the logcats you want (Radio in this case, but you can request others too).
  6. Exit Settings.
  7. Tap the Options menu icon again.
  8. Tap File.
  9. Tap Record to start logcat collection.
  10. When you’re done, stop the recording by tapping the corresponding location. The logcat file will be at /catlog in your primary (read: internal or adopted external) user storage.

Using the terminal on your device

  1. Install Terminal Emulator.
  2. Follow these instructions to set Terminal Emulator to start with root permissions.
  3. Start Terminal Emulator.
  4. Enter logcat -b radio > /sdcard/radio_logcat.txt – This dumps the logcat file radio_logcat.txt at the root of your SD card. logcat -b radio works too, but I have no idea where it puts the file and have never tried it myself.
  5. Reproduce this issue you’re getting the logcat for.
  6. When you’re done with Step 5, close Terminal Emulator.
  7. Navigate to the root of your SD card to find the file there.

Using ADB on your PC

While I know this method exists, I’ve never used it. The command to enter is adb logcat -b radio, and adb logcat -b radio > /sdcard/radio_logcat.txt probably works too.

Author: jdrch

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