How to get around Outlook 365 automatically encrypting emails you save to your computer

If the Microsoft Outlook 365 desktop app is encrypting emails you manually save to disk, here’s how to get around that.

  1. Log in to the corresponding Outlook web app. You can find this via File -> Info -> Account Information -> Account Settings -> below Access this account on the web. If you do not have a corresponding Outlook web app, this method will not work
  2. In the Outlook web app, find the message you want to download
  3. Click the ... icon at the top right of the message
  4. Click Other reply options >
  5. Click Forward as attachment
  6. Forward the email to yourself
  7. Open the above email in the Outlook 365 desktop app. You’ll notice the attached email is unencrypted
  8. Save the attached email as a .msg file

You should now be able to attach the saved .msg file above without it being encrypted.

The above worked on Outlook 2016 365 on Windows 10.

from DEV Community: jdrch

Author: jdrch

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