How to find the right coax cable digital splitter

Yet another topic there’s much less documentation on than there should be


If you have cable internet or are using the coax cable inside your house for MoCA networking, you might eventually want to split a cable outlet between 2 end point devices, e.g. a set top box and a modem, or a network CableCARD tuner and a MoCA adapter.

You’ll need a digital splitter for that, and the most important spec for the job is the frequency range the splitter is rated for. It must be from 5 to approximately 1000 MHz. I say approximately because some splitters that work are rated for 5-1002 MHz.

Splitters that have worked for me – most recently with an Actiontec ECB6200 – include the Extreme Broadband Engineering BDS102H, CommScope SV2G, and Regal ZDSB3DGH10. If you can’t find any of those or a splitter that meets the 5-1000 MHz spec, then get one from a cable company truck. I did this myself years ago by just hanging out in the cable company office lot until a truck came by. I told them what I needed a digital splitter for, and they tossed me a couple.

What you should know before switching to Mediacom

The MoCA adapter won’t break your internet connection, but you’ll be missing some channels.

I recently switched from DirecTV to Mediacom, who installed an Actiontec ECB2500C MoCA Network Adapter as part of a triple play deal. A couple details about this:

  • Yes, the adapter must be installed between your modem and your coax wall outlet despite the TV/STB Out label on the coax output port. That port actually connects to your modem.

    Yeah, don't mind that TV/STB Out label. It's incorrect.
    Yeah, don’t mind that TV/STB Out label. It’s incorrect.
  • Like me, you’re probably worried that placing any device between your router and wall outlet might impact your internet connection. Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about. Speed and remote access still work just fine.

Also, Mediacom’s missing a few (sports) channels found on other providers:

  • MLB Network
  • Pac-12 Network
  • NHL Network
  • NBA Network

If you decide to switch anyway, be sure to contact them and request the above.