Buying AMD wouldn’t fix Microsoft’s Surface Phone CPU problem (quickly enough)

Develop its own chips. This may notĀ solve the issue of backwards compatibility, but it would give Microsoft more freedom to work through the problem. Developing chips, however, is costly, time-consuming, and not something Microsoft has much expertise in.

Source: The future of the Surface Phone is not looking good

The above article says the Surface Phone is in serious trouble because Intel killed its mobile x86 CPUs. At least one comment has suggested Microsoft should buy AMD to fix this. I disagree:

As much as I’d like MS to buy AMD, I don’t think that would solve *this particular problem.* AMD has no mobile x86 chips, & has been sucking at low power/high efficiency x86 for a while. Optimistically it would take 1 to 2 years to get an x86 SoC out of the AMD purchase, by which time UWP should (hopefully) be a sufficiently viable alternative to Win32 anyway.

A better option would be to push UWP and Centennial as hard as possible while maintaining Continuum and optimizing W10M for the Snapdragon 830.

That said, Surface tablets could use some AMD help. Adopting AMD’s APUs would fix the Surface line’s well documented GPU issues, at the expense of battery life (again, Intel rules at the latter).