How to find portable 64-bit VLC builds

You could just use the 32-bit build from the download link, but if you’re reading this that was never an option.

Need 64-bit VLC goodness on a machine you can’t install anything on? Portable VLC to the rescue. Find it by doing the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the latest (highest) VLC version number and click the corresponding link.
  3. Click the /win64 folder link. This will expose 64-bit VLC builds in .zip and .7z archives.

How to split an MP3 using a CUE file on Windows without re-encoding (or using Medieval CUE Splitter)

The new king of CUE splitting on Windows. Or, if you prefer, the absolute UI disaster that is GTK.
The new king of CUE splitting on Windows. Or, if you prefer, the absolute UI disaster that is GTK.

For years, Medieval CUE Splitter was my app of choice of splitting gigantic MP3s with their matching CUE files. Unfortunately, the installer fails for some reason on Windows 8.1 x64, and I haven’t been able to find a fix. The good news is there’s a alternative in the form of mp3split, which has much better output, albeit at the expense of a less polished UI. Unlike CUE Splitter, mp3split retains the original encoder data, whereas CUE Splitter’s output somehow always wound up with Xing as the encoder. That last part is curious since CUE Splitter claims it splits without re-encoding, but hey.

Here’s how to split an MP3 with a CUE file using mp3split:

  1. Download the Mp3splt-gtk Windows installer from here. Note that the non-gtk Mp3splt download is the command line tool only, so if you choose that you won’t get a GUI and following steps won’t apply.
  2. Install Mp3splt-gtk.
  3. Launch Mp3splt-gtk.
  4. Click File.
  5. Click Preferences.
  6. Under the Split tab, select the Directory for split files.
  7. Under Split Options, check Frame mode (useful for mp3 VBR) (mp3 only) if you’re splitting a VBR MP3.
  8. Click the Tags tab.
  9. Under Tags version (mp3 only), select Same tags version as the input file.
  10. Click Close.
  11. Ensure both the CUE file and the MP3 you want to split are in the same folder.
  12. Click File.
  13. Click Import splitpoints from file…
  14. Navigate to the folder in Step 4 and select the desired CUE file.
  15. Click Open.
  16. In the Manual single file split tab, click Split.

You should get a nicely split set of output files in the folder you selected in Step 6 above.

Yes, you can run VLC 32-bit & 64-bit builds side by side

32 + 64
32 + 64 = 96. Just kidding, that’s not how this works. At all.

Discovered the above just now after installing VLC 2.10 x64 while having already installed the 32-bit 2.0.8 build. This means you can switch between the 2 without worry.